What Online Slot Machine Game Has the Best Odds?

When you play casino games, odds are not always on your side. While the most popular casino games such as craps and roulette offer a chance of winning around 50% many other casino games have odds that will cause you to lose more than you win. While you’re unlikely to walk away with more than your initial investment, these games make casinos lots of money.

The best casino online slots will feature an RTP of 97%+, meaning that on average, the slot machine will return more in winnings than it takes in bets. These figures are based on the average of thousands of spins, so you can’t guarantee how much you’ll win in any one session.

Look for slots with multiple paylines, as they will give you more chances to land a payout. Some slots also come with stacked wild symbols and multipliers that apply to payouts. Siberian Storm is a good example of a game with these features. Its staggered reels allow for 720 ways to win per spin and it has some great bonus rounds too.

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